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Combined Sports

Combined Sports encourages social interaction and skills development in sports, Darts partaking in tuition, practice and competitive activities.

Sport can be a fun way for participants to stay fit and active. You can rediscover your favourite sport or maybe you can investigate other activities that you thought about doing but just didn't quite get around to learning. Members from 18 years and up at all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to join. It's a fabulous way to meet new people and is a lot of fun with not just our sporting but also social sporting events.

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As one of the principal members of Balmain & District Amateur Darts Association, Ryde Ex currently field three teams and have won many recent Championship Titles in both "A" & "B" grade.

Matches are held at Club RydeX and many other venues throughout the district.

Contact Neil Ballantine - 9888 7044 / 0432 760 916.


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