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Lunch Specials

We believe in keeping things interesting, and our Specials Menus are designed to do just that! Members asked us for something smaller than the large dinner serves at lunch, because many people can't eat that much, and lunch should always be cheap, so our Lunch Specials menu will change regularly and features $9 meals for members in a lighter, smaller size every Monday - Friday. Don't be fooled though, it's still a decent meal and you'll be leaving satisfied for sure.

Weekly Dinner Specials

Our weekly Schnitzel and Steak nights will keep the variety alive with the Steak cuts rotating through your favourites, having one on special each week, and Schnitty Night swapping between chicken and veal each week. TWO Roast Nights will definitely keep you warm going into the colder weather,so come along and enjoy a cheap feed for dinner.


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