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The current Sub Branch dates back to 1936 and it received its Charter from the Returned Soldiers', Sailors' & Airmens' Imperial League of Australia in 1937.

There were 43 Foundation Members in what was originally known as the Ryde Meadowbank Sub- Branch R.S.S.A.I.L.A. which was later changed to the Ryde District Sub Branch.

The original Foundation Members were veterans of World War 1 and those responsible for the foundation of the Sub-Branch were Bill Lesmond, Chick Edwards,Hilton Jones, Frank Jackson and Carl Starke.

The original Sub-Branch was committed to commence a building programme for the Sub-Branch but World War 2 intervened and most of their fundraising efforts were donated to the formation of the Ryde Municipal Patriotic Fund, which packed and sent parcels to all local boys serving overseas, for the full period of the war.

As a result of considerable volunteer efforts by Sub-Branch members the Ryde District Ex- Servicemens Memorial Club was founded in 1940, and a separate committee (made from Sub Branch members) was formed to look after the management and administration of the club. The original venue was a disused Billiard Room in Church Street, Ryde which was occupied until 1957 when the Sub Branch moved to the venue of the current club in Victoria Rd, Ryde.

Six blocks of land were purchased by the club committee at a cost of $ 240,000 and eventually the registered club, which eventually became incorporated was located where it sits today. Once a Bowls Club was established with appropriate facilities it was then decided to form a Youth Club which resulted in the opening of the Junior Sports Hall in 1968.

The Sub Branch has continued to the present providing social, sporting, recreational and welfare services to members and their families.

Today the Sub Branch has three commemorative services per year; ANZAC Sunday, Victory in the Pacific and Remembrance Day. These are solemn occasions to remember the sacrifices and service of those who have contributed to the evolution of theSub Branch.

In addition the Sub Branch meets every second Monday of every second month (February, April, June, August, October and December). The December meeting is followed by a Christmas Luncheon.

The Youth Club is also an integral part of the Sub Branch and provides trampolining, netball, tennis and gymnastics. The Sub Branch is always interested in providing new activities through the Youth Club.

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