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About Us

Each year the club gives money to the local community through the Club Grants Scheme, which used to be CDSE. It is facilitated by Ryde Council to ensure clubs are aware of, and make funds available to their local communities. The scheme operates from September to August each year.

In 2015 we gave money to;

  • Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services Incorporated  
  • The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia Lmtd
  • Little Wing Limited 
  • Ryde Hunters Hill Life Education Centre 

    You are encouraged to participate in the programme by filling out a form and submitting to to Ryde Council by the due date. Club Grants has been finalised for 2013 and will not reopen again till early 2014. You can find further information at Ryde councils website or more information at Clubs NSW website.

    For all guidelines and the 2016 on-line application form please refer to the following link.


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